Introduction to Le Quartier


The art centre
Founded in 1990, Le Quartier is housed in the former army barracks in the Tour d’Auvergne. The building, which dates from 1874, is also home to the Quimper School of Art. A flagship for Contemporary Art in Brittany, Le Quartier functions both as a production hub for artists and a focal point for communication with the public. As a centre for exploration and experimentation, it provides concrete assistance with the creation of new works.
Le Quartier’s activities revolve around ten annual exhibitions : three of them are based on a long term research, while the others – taking place in the Project Room – are dedicated to experimenting materials, forms, ideas, and alternative narratives. Keeping a close eye on developments in the work of established artists and the emergence of new trends, the art centre maintains a broad generational span while working in the national and international contexts. Accompanied by screenings, talks and discussions aimed at sharing and exchange of ideas and experiences, the exhibitions are also backed up by publications offering keys to a greater understanding of the art of today.

The Project Room is a multi-purpose space, an offshoot that can be adapted to meet the needs of concurrent projects and one-off or regular events.
The bookshop is the perfect place for enjoying a coffee and consulting a range of books relating to the exhibitions and the current art scene in Brittany. There are also monthly presentations of artists’ multiples and art books for children, as well as regular writing workshops.
The café offers hot and cold drinks, together with free WiFi access.

The Le Quartier association
Le Quartier is run by a non-profit association under the presidency of Jean-Yves Crochemore.
It receives funding from the City of Quimper, the Ministry of Culture and Communications, the Brittany Region Cultural Affairs Office (DRAC), the Finistère département and the Brittany Region.